Resort Information

Do they have vegetarian options?

Yes! The resort has vegetarian options throughout and there will be a vegetarian option on our wedding night too. If you have any dietary restrictions or specific needs, please contact the travel agent to get more information about the resorts options.

Are the food and water safe?

Hilton La Romana is a 5 star resort so the food and water are generally safe to consume. There are different bacteria in other countries which can sometimes cause stomach aches, but the resorts are diligent about filtering water and proper food preparation. If you have concerns we would recommend researching it further or contacting the resort.

What does all-inclusive mean?

All inclusive means that everything you need for your stay is included! The price was a negotiated group discounted rate and it includes flights, all the food and alcohol, your room, all of the on-resort activities as well as taxes and fees (the fully supervised kids club is included too if you need some chill time!). The only extras will be if you decide to do any excursions, tips you leave for the staff and any shopping you decide to do while you're there.

I have kids, does that mean we can't access half of the resort?

No! There are only a couple areas in this huge resort that do not allow kids. Adults only sections include one of two lobbies, one of the four pools and two of the seven a la carte restaurants. Most of the resort is open to families!

Do I tip at the resort?

Tipping is optional but encouraged at the resort. It is suggested to tip $1-5 USD depending on where (room service, restaurant), but it is up to your discretion.

Which side of the resort will I be on?

If you book a Premium Room you will be on the adults only side of the resort. If you book a regular room you will be on the family side of the resort. Both sides of the resort share everything except for the adults only pool and premium lounge which are only for premium members.

What is the Premium Option?

The Premium Rooms are on the adults only side of the resort. It is a higher cost for the week but you get access to the whole resort plus additional perks such as an adults only pool, premium lounge etc. Our travel agent will have more information if you are interested in this option.

Before You Go

What should I pack?

Here is a great blog with suggestions for packing for the Caribbean: https://www.fueledbywanderlust.com/caribbean-packing-list/

  • This list doesn't mention packing your wedding day outfit! 💃

  • The rooms come with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair dryer and towels. The resort also has beach towels to use daily.

  • Pack all prescription medications in your carry on luggage in case your checked luggage gets lost in transit.

  • Pack warm clothing (rainy days and evenings can get chilly in the Caribbean).

  • BUG SPRAY - There may be mosquitos at the resort so bug spray is a great thing to bring.

Tip: Bring your sunscreen with you, the resorts typically charge a high price for sunscreen.

What about insurance?

There are a variety of insurance options available. There is insurance you can buy which will refund the cost of your trip regardless of the reason and our travel agent will have more information. It is also HIGHLY encouraged that you buy travel medical insurance. There are many companies you can go to and most will cost in the range of $20-$50 CAD (email us if you need help with finding travel medical insurance).

We also recommend booking your trip on a credit card that has travel insurance and/or health insurance.

What money is accepted in the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic accepts Dominican Pesos (DOP) and American Dollars (USD).

How do I book and pay for this trip?

We have a travel agent that will book the trips. They are able to communicate any special requests, room upgrades or dietary restrictions with the resort. On the RSVP page you will see that you can now put your $200/person deposit to secure your spot. The rest of the payment will be due March 2022. If you would like other payment options please contact our travel agent and they can get you set up!

Travel Questions

What about the Zika Virus?

Zika is only a concern if you are currently pregnant or planning to get pregnant shortly after the trip. If you are pregnant, then we would recommend that you and your partner not come to the wedding. If you are planning to get pregnant after the wedding, wait at least 3 months after the trip before you begin trying to conceive.

Here's more information from the CDC.

What's the weather like?

July is the summer and the rainy season in Dominican Republic. Good news is that it is not hurricane season yet! The days are still hot and sunny but there are often intermittent rain showers through the day (the sky gets dark and rains a lot for 15 minutes and then clears up and quickly returns to sunshine). The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius.

What times are the flights at?

We're glad you asked... but we don't know! The flights will be on those days but we don't have any confirmed times yet. As soon as the travel agent has them, they'll let everyone know!

Should I bring a wedding gift?

Oh no! Your presence is our present :) We know it is a big ask to request that you join us in the Caribbean and you coming to spend a whole week with us in paradise is the only gift we need!

What are sand bugs?

Paulina's nemesis. Sand bugs, also called sand fleas, can cause allergic skin reactions (for some people). They are very tiny and hard to see; most people don't know they have been bitten until hours later when they get itchy. If you're someone who gets reactions to sand bugs the best way to avoid them is to stay away from the sand during sunrise and sunset and avoid the sand for 30 minutes-1 hour after any rainfall (they are bitey during a certain window of cooler temperatures). If you are on the sand during the main part of the day when they sun is hot you're fine and if you go on the sand after the sun has fully set and it is dark then you are also safe! Paulina avoids them by sleeping through sunrise (just for health reasons) and hanging out at the pool during sunset :)

What type of outlets do they have?

They have the same outlets as we do in Canada, no need to bring converters for your plugs.